Advice to upcoming photographers

Before stepping into the shoes, get educated in a good photographic institute or work under an experienced photographer with willingness to eat, drink and sleep photography.

Choose the institute.

  • Check the syllabus and portfolios of the faculty.
  • Most institutes I know are money driven and are looking to make a quick buck. Their courses are designed just to make a turn over.
  • Does the institute lay importance to the basics and fundamentals of photography.
  • Photography is a science and should be treated likewise.
  • Short courses are for people who already have a basic study or for hobbyists.
  • Meet the students and see their work to gauge their evolution.

Choosing the teacher.

• A great photographer may not be a good teacher and a great teacher may not be a great photographer. Teaching is an art.
• You will find many photographers who pretend to teach and run short courses.


  • Images of great photographers like Richard Avedon, David LaChappel, Ansel Adams, Irving Penn, Carleton Watkins and many more.Paintings of great masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt etc.
  • Understanding the way in which they have used light and composed their frames is a good beginning.
  • Be ready to work, experiment and learn from mistakes and errors. There is no substitute for experience.

Last words:

The road to success is long, arduous and steep. Keep this in mind and commit yourself wholeheartedly. Success will come quickly if you have enjoyed the journey.



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