Must know for clients

Photography is an industry that drives other industries. It is used in all forms of advertising mediums. These images contribute in driving the economy of a country.
It involves great talent, and a sizable investment in equipment latest technology and infrastructure.

Is it expensive to hire photography services?

The answer is yes and no.
It all depends upon your requirement and understanding.


  • When choosing the photographer, do not get swayed by the hype. This can be professionally managed by expert agencies in PR activity.
  • Many photographers do free photography for magazines and media to become visible. Clients with little insight, get carried away by such visibility and award them with jobs.
  • Always, insist on seeing the photographer’s portfolio and website.
  • When comparing quotes and estimates, ensure that you are comparing apples with apples. Purchase departments (no insult please) can compare only figures. Ask the experts.
  • Visit the photographer firsthand, to see the set up and make informed and intelligent judgment.
  • To be on the safe side have the photographer shoot sample images.

Understand, there are categories of photographers

A. Cameraman

In the history of photography, there are more claimed photographers today, who are affordable than at any time in the past, thanks to the evolved “automatic everything” cameras. These photographers have a decent camera and decent understanding of the job.

B. Photographer

Aspiring Photographer

These aspiring photographers operate mostly out of home or small ill-equipped studio set up, with limitations in terms of knowledge and expertise These are up coming photographers who are and willing to work for attractive fees and who are accommodating in all possible ways.

An intelligent and a demanding client usually learns this the hard way after his money is wasted. Most of the time, there is no budget for reshoot and correcting the mistake.

Established Photographer

This photographer will bring professionalism, understanding and technique to undertake most jobs with decent results. Their charges will vary, depending upon their investment in level of equipment and infrastructure, experience and talent.

C. Photographer and Master Craft’s man

Master Craftsmen are very talented and have years of experience. If your requirement is very critical and demanding, hiring them will be commercially justified even if it means hefty fees.

Technically sound with a keen sense of light, form and composition. These photographers are capable of executing the most challenging assignments with flair.

For them, photography is an art and they use cutting edge technology to produce stunning images, every time. These photographers leave no stoned unturned to achieve their goal and have a huge appetite for resources that they require.

The professional equipment that they use is not only very expensive, but also heavy on maintenance, thus they are burdened with huge running costs. Many times, due to their commitment for excellence, they land up taking very few jobs and devote themselves to it.

Hiring these highly skilled photographers ensures top quality results and service.
They will have invested in:

  • Large studios with area for visitors, client meetings and actual shooting space.
  • Different types of light sources from flash heads to continouse lights with all types of accessories and light shaping tools and accessories.
  • Different types of cameras for different applications.Technical view camera, Medium format camera, specialty wide view cameras, high resolution digital backs with all the assortment of lenses for each camera.
  • Assistants for different roles.

One can imagine the daily running cost of such an establishment. Under the given realities, the services of such a photographer are not cheap.

Consider yourself lucky if you can hire them as they can prove to be a great asset to your business.

Summary: Pay Peanuts Get monkeys.